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Freight Transportation Management

Selecting the most efficient and cost effective transportation option can be challenging. At MAXXPRESS, we work with you to create solutions that are flexible and result in the most highly reliable and customizable service in the industry


Logistics represents the strategic link in a chain of solutions, and is essential to meet customer storage and distribution demands. At MAXXPRESS, our flexible teams and resources, as well as our adaptation and investment capacities, allow us to propose the right solution for each project.

Domestic Logistics Service

Domestic companies typically can use a variety of transportation options to move goods. Ground transportation is a common preference for many Indian companies. In fact, many multinational companies use multiple transportation methods to get goods from warehouses to stores or to buyers. In a domestic business, your costs generally include technology, store facilities, logistics workers and transportation.


We’ve been experts at building customized supply chain solutions for hundreds of brands. We operate as an extension of your business to control costs and deliver you a competitive advantage over your competition.

MAXXPRESS is a leading third-party (3PL) supply chain solutions provider specializing in integrated logistics solutions. We help companies make smarter choices about warehousing, e-commerce fulfilment, and transportation decisions, so they can streamline costs and operate more efficiently.

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