Order Management

Order Management

MAXXPRESS Fulfilment can do much more than ship your packages. Our best-of-breed, PCI Level I Compliant Order Management System helps orchestrate all of the moving parts of your campaign, while giving you a real- time. Direct Response marketers, e-commerce merchants and Multi-Channel retailers are leveraging our technology to seamlessly manage their campaigns while increasing profitability.

At the core, our Order Management System (OMS) can help your business:

  • Collect, track and manage all customer and order data from multiple sources, including Web, IVR and Phone.
  • Facilitate the processing of those orders, from payment to disposition, including continuity and multi-pay programs.
  • Provide a platform for customer service, returns and post-sale promotion.
  • Analyze sales performance by source and channel, media spend and ROI, continuity retention and more to help optimize your campaign strategy for better results.

MAXXPRESS technology sit in the centre of your campaign, interacting with each of the components of your business.


With over 140 canned reports, each of which can be filtered and exported in multiple formats, including Excel, PDF, CSV, XML and HTML, Direct Response, e-commerce and Multi-Channel Retail marketers have access to a plethora of data and analytics that help uncover opportunities, increase performance and develop deeper insight into the campaign. A few of the most popular reports include.

  • Gross Sales (Filterable by Campaign, Item, Source, etc.)
  • Payment Processing
  • Media Spending and ROI
  • Auto Ship/Continuity Projection and Retention
  • Advertising Source
  • Orders Shipped
  • Customer Service Activity
  • and many more

In addition to complete visibility, pair this information with our sophisticated campaign management tools and sit in the driver’s seat of the campaign. Offers can be easily altered to quickly adjust to changing market conditions. Add items or change prices at will. Dynamically direct customer service agents by tying-in directly to phone scripting.

Our feature-rich solution has much more than you would expect from a fulfilment provider.

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